Which Claims Can Be Made? – The Online Panel Discussion

Published: 12-Apr-2021

proDERM presents opportunities and regulatory dimensions of cosmetic claims

Do you have a question about a claim? Would you like to know which product claims you are allowed to make? Are you wondering whether a small change to a product claim can have a significant impact on the design and cost of the trial?

Then we invite you to join us for this special webinar, which will take the form of a panel discussion.

The proDERM experts will provide basic information on ‘Claims’ and then specifically address the challenges and questions that have been asked in advance by the audience. In this way, we will achieve a maximum learning effect for the entire audience, who will also be able to contribute live.

Our aim is to look at claims for cosmetic products from different regulatory perspectives. In this respect, this webinar is suitable for all manufacturers whose aim is to substantiate a claim with a clinical study.

Webinar Agenda

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