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Published: 28-Mar-2023

Join Ashland for a truly immersive experience that takes you on a journey from crocus to coconuts, from rosewood to raspberries (and more), with breakthrough innovations that solve some of the industry’s most complex challenges

In a world where consumers’ desires are shaping global mega trends and regulatory landscapes, and where responsible solutions can transform an entire product category, Ashland has clear stakes in the ground — with innovations that leap off the lab bench and into the field to deliver solutions that fuel your growth and delight consumers the world over.

Surrounded by product solutions and platforms that expand the possibilities of the personal care industry, speak with our expert solvers behind a range of newly launched solutions. Learn how they were derived and the ways they can help you unlock organic growth across key customer segments. Whether you’re interested in sustainable sourcing, naturally derived ingredients or solutions that unlock new customer demand, Ashland will help you responsibly solve.

Introducing our newest natural product innovations:

  • liftyl™ biofunctional – premium rosewood extract from upcycled wood chips for ethno-genomic face sculpting
  • softhance™ mr conditioning agent - nature-derived, biodegradable conditioning agent that provides skin moisture retention and skin softness from skin cleansers
  • styleze™ es-dura ingredient – nature-derived, non-GMO and biodegradable breakthrough for durable hair styling in any weather
  • phyteq™ raspberry one multifunctional - a nature-identical concept delivering skin care and antimicrobial benefits


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