Yardley London, the pioneers of the lavender fragrance


Yardley London are floral fragrance experts and the pioneers of the Lavender fragrance, having used it in their first products back in 1770 when it was first established as a Fragrance House

Yardley London, the pioneers of the lavender fragrance

Yardley London commissioned scientists to scour the globe for the most sought after varieties, which lead to the discovery of Lavandula Angustifolia.

This unique species is still grown in England today and forms the basis of this best-selling range.

Currently celebrating its 250 year anniversary, Yardley London is proud to still be making its modern English Lavender range for generations of women to enjoy and who love its unique scent and the ingredient’s wonderful health benefits!


Lavender has long been known for its calming and soothing properties and its capabilities to aid with sleep and relaxation. There are a variety of ways to use lavender to help you sleep, including using beauty products infused with lavender, taking a bath or shower to unwind using lavender products, or spritzing lavender mist on your pillow.

Menopause symptoms

Of course the Menopause, and it’s treatments are different for every individual, but some studies have shown that due to Lavender’s properties which promote relaxation and sleep, it can also reduce symptoms including hot flushes and headaches.

A Lavender infused pocket spray could really help with sudden symptoms when you’re out and about, yet easily fit in your bag!

Relieves stress, anxiety and depression

There have been studies to suggest that the smell of lavender reduces the feeling of stress and anxiety by stimulating the nose to pass signals to the brain in order to calm nerves.

So, if you’re having a stressful week, a lavender eau de toilette could be what you need!

Reduce blood pressure and heart rate

In the same way that lavender is used to reduce stress, relax and aid sleep, in turn it can help some have reduce blood pressure and stress and blood pressure levels are linked.

Using a lavender infused body lotion, or hand cream could be the ideal resolution to some of these symptoms.

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Yardley London offers a wide range of products, all infused with Lavender including; Body Spray, Moisturising Body Mist, Eau Du Toilette, Hand Cream, Soap, Talcum Powder, Luxury Body Wash and Soothing Body Lotion. Also includes English Lavender Cologne Stick and Lavender Brilliantine Hair Pomade and Skin Balm.

  • English Lavender Nourishing Hand Cream 100ml - £4.49
  • English Lavender Luxury Body Wash 250ml - £6.00
  • English Lavender Perfumed Talcum Powder 200g - £7.49
  • English Lavender Silky Smooth Body Lotion 250ml - £7.00
  • English Lavender Luxury Soap x3 100g - £7.99
  • English Lavender Deodorising Body Spray 75ml - £2.49
  • English Lavender Moisturising Body Mist 200ml - £6.00
  • English Lavender Eau De Toilette 125ml - £14.99
  • English Lavender Eau De Toilette 50ml - £9.99
  • English Lavender Cologne Stick 20g - £4.49
  • English Lavender Brilliantine 80g £5.99.

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