ZitSticka extends brand portfolio with entourage of spot-fighting patches

By Becky Bargh | 12-Nov-2020

The indie acne-fighting brand is arming its line-up with a host of new acne-tackling spot care products

Daniel Kaplan and Robbie Miller, the founders of indie brand ZitSticka, have extended its line-up with an entourage of products to fend off adult acne.

Following the brand’s debut spot patch product Killa, which hit shelves in April last year, the duo have introduced the new Hyperfade patch (£29) to help fade acne dark spots.

Using the same penetrative microdart technology as Killa, each patch features 24 self-dissolving microdarts that melt within two hours of application.

The brightening and regenerative ingredients help lighten and restore skin tone and texture to its usual state.

“Acne sufferers know the trauma isn’t over when a zit has been eradicated – the mark it leaves behind often poses a more stubborn problem, a lingering stain that a lot of people think they just have to put up with,” said Kaplan.

“We wanted to be able to fast-forward this revival process and reduce waiting time.

“So, we combined dermatologically-backed lightening ingredients like niacinamide, arbutin, tranexamic acid, licorice root extract and more to infiltrate the residual dark spot and dilute it from the inside-out.”

ZitSticka’s Press Refresh (£30) high performance face mask is made with penetrative graphene technology – a material that syncs with the skin’s heat – to target acne and deeply exfoliate.

This technology, ZitSticka says, also absorbs more deeply than standard sheet masks.

ZitSticka extends brand portfolio with entourage of spot-fighting patches

Also expected to launch in December is the brand’s Goo Getter (£16) spot patch made from moisture-drawing hydrocolloid, which is designed to quickly flatten zits by absorbing fluid, pus and impurities.

Hero ingredients in the patch include niacinamide, salicylic acid, vitamin C and tea tree.

Kaplan added: “Each hydrocolloid patch acts as a second layer of skin, tricking the brain into thinking there’s a scab, and as a result, accelerating the healing process of the affected area.”

Goo Getter is translucent and should be applied to a spot with signs of a head and will drain its contents.

The product is also biodegradable and waterproof.

Completing ZitSticka’s portfolio is Skin Discipline, an acne-treating supplement to tackle inflammation and irregular sebum production.

The cap-in-cap oral tablet combines a blend of zinc, selenium, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, niacin, omega 3, chromium and ZitSticka’s probiotic blend, while the outer capsule layer of omega 3 acts as a suspension bridge.

ZitSticka has applied this cap-in-cap technology as omega 3 cannot traditionally be taken with other supplements or else it will alter or nullify other ingredients.

Together the formula will regulate acne-causing hormones, optimise gastrointestinal health and enhance skin’s structural proteins.

Skin Discipline is set to hit the market in February 2021.

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