Oat Cosmetics launches hair care active

By Julia Wray | Published: 13-Oct-2021

Glucaveen is the flagship ingredient in UK supplier’s new Oat Hair range

Oat Cosmetics has released an active ingredient called Glucaveen, the first from the company to be positioned solely as a hair care ingredient.

The Avena sativa (oat) bran extract is a powerful oat active designed for healthier hair.

Made up of beta-glucan, starch and amino acids, it comes as a fully water soluble powder, which in addition strengthening, moisturising and protecting hair, has good sustainability credentials, negating the need to ship water globally.

According to the UK-based supplier, Glucaveen has been proven in a series of rinse-off trials to form a film on the hair shaft, seal in moisture and slow down the loss of water from the hair.

It also visibly flattens hair cuticles, repairs and protects hair against breakage and strengthens damaged hair.

Glucaveen is the flagship ingredient in the new Oat Hair range, which includes Oat COM, which can be used on sensitive scalps; Virgin Poppy Seed Oil, described as a natural silicone replacement; and Oat Lipid e and aurafirm s, which claim hair manageability benefits.

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