Packaging and new technologies

Published: 19-Dec-2022

It expects a growth in the market of the connectivity IoT of 2475.26 trillions in 2029 – CAGR of 26.4 %, according to the last report of Fortune Business Insights

The adoption of the technology NFC and contactless systems increasingly used by different sectors, does that the companies manufacturers of packaging want to do use of this technology understanding the big advantages that can provide them:

  • Resistant to the cloning
  • Only identification avoiding the fake
  • Authentication of the product by part of the mark
  • It does not affect to the design (does not visualise in the packaging)
  • A new channel for the department of marketing, where in a future will integrate with systems of CRM (First Party Dates)

The manufacture of the packaging is centred in the design and the materials. It fits to stand out that by part of the European Union, from the year 2027, will centre in the concept of: "design to recycle".

Faca Packaging has an experience of more than 50 years in the manufacture of cosmetic packaging and during these last years has been very focused to the research of solutions chords with the concept of sustainability, increasing in his projects the integration of recyclable materials, recycled and bio.

In this point, the packaging connected play an important role in the matter related with the sustainability. Besides, they know that the technology transforms the behaviours and the habits of the people.

Therefore, if they add it pack + technology = pack connected. Through this formula can link the packaging with the physical shop and the e-commerce. It is a big opportunity so that the marks can join the on-line and off-line world through the packaging, increased new forms of communication of the marks.

Packaging and new technologies

In the case of the packaging for cosmetic allows to link links with the on-line shop, to micro-influencers so used by the marks, videos informative of the product with explanations of the ingredients and utilisation, environmental impact of the product, among others digital contents.

Every time it is more usual that the marks offer systems refill to his customers. For this, if in the systems of recharge add digital systems of connectivity, do that the famous return of the packaging can help to the consumer to go in this game.

Still it is necessary to work in new developments and implementations. Although the tendency of the retails is to implement more systems of refill in the market, already there are existed other sectors as for example the one of the alimentary industry that already are advancing in several projects.

Faca Packaging Is immersed in an Active "project Startup", that is an initiative of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism framed inside the clear-cut strategic areas in the National Strategy of Industry Connected 4.0. Whose aim is to increase the value added industrial and the qualified employment in the sector, favour a model suitable for the industry of the future, developing the local offer of digital solutions, and promoting, also, differential competitive crowbars to support the Spanish industry and promote his exports.

Packaging and new technologies

In said project will develop a system of authentication of product, by means of technology BlockChain, embed in devices NFC integrated in the packaging of the cosmetic, that to his time will facilitate a channel of communication marks-customer, improving the strategies of the teams of marketing and development of product. This project makes beside the startup BLOOCK, with the cooperation of OKTICS (spin-off of the CIMNE: Centre of Investigation of the UPC). Mainly, the aim of the project is to look for solutions in the fakes in the sector of the cosmetics, traceability of the material and of the cycle of life of the packaging, among others.

They are systems that the Governments are implanting, like the case of the British Government, the project SPRITE (Sustainable Plastics Recycling Innovation by Tagging Electronically) - technology that offers rewards to the consumers that recycle.

Still there are challenges that reach, and one of them is to attain implement this technology diminishing the time and the cost of development. Standardising the process and offering the possibility to deliver the digital platform of packaging connected to the teams of marketing for the catchment of leads and generation of content.

Another change is the union of the departments of shopping , development of product and marketing that every time is more notable.

On their part, they stand out the advantages of their collaboration with Bloock by his experience in the sector of the wine and CIMNE given the big ease of implementation of this technology, doing more accessible to the marks put it in practice.

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