Merck and Faca Packaging join forces for a sustainable packaging solution

Published: 19-Jan-2023

Merck's Strategic Global Marketing Manager and Faca Packaging's Deputy General Manager talk about their collaboration

Markus Weber, Strategic Global Marketing Manager – Industrial - MERCK

Merck and Faca Packaging join forces for a sustainable packaging solution


Why does Merck collaborate with Faca to join efforts for a sustainable packaging solution in cosmetics?

Within the last years sustainability is becoming an overarching topic for the packaging industry. Global Brands are reaching out to new sustainable goals like reduction of virgin plastic by higher percentages and recycling at least 25% plastic or more, by 2025 till 2030.

With our collaboration project “Circular Creativity”, FACA as an innovative packaging producer and Merck as a raw material manufacturer of effect pigments, offer something that is: environmentally friendly, visually impactful and helps to reduce the carbon footprint. Based on trend colours for packaging solutions for 2023 and made from recycled materials (chemical/mechanical) such as rPMMA and rPP, the spheres perfectly fit to the current sustainability trend.

Additionally with our laser marking additives Iriotec®- Series, we are able to mark directly on the product. This opportunity can be used as a styling element for detailed, high contrasted designs or as personalisation, even in irregular or curved surfaces which broadens up the possibilities. These Laser Marking additives can be a true alternative to paper labels and pad printing and reduce the need of an extra process step in the value chain.

If you like to learn more about brand awareness and movement towards sustainable packaging, showing the beauty of effect pigment in combination with the function of laser marking additives get in touch with us!

How did Merck expertise contribute to this project?

We as Merck are recognised as manufacturer and innovator of effect pigments for more than 65 years. With our historical expertise, knowledge from our technical team, we have all the necessary capabilities to support and work closely together with the customer to find the optimal solution.

Our know-how in working with pearlescent pigments in plastics touches among technical topics such as injection gate, flow lines and modifying colour formulation to get the best result out of it. This is a win-win situation to achieve distinction and high added value for attractive packaging solutions that satisfy the market needs.

Jesus Beneyto, Deputy General Manager - FACA PACKAGING

How will this initiative impact the cosmetics industry?

Merck and Faca Packaging join forces for a sustainable packaging solution

The concept of sustainability and aesthetics were combined in collaboration with Merck. Recycled materials were used without compromising neither functionality nor appearance, but rather the injected Faca jars with Merck pigments provided a unique appeal, that can match the needs of current cosmetic packaging designs.

Faca has a proven track record of more than 50 years of innovation and development in high-end cosmetic packaging. In recent years, Faca has developed and marketed solutions focused on sustainability. Among the most outstanding eco-designs, there are growing numbers of jars that combine the concept of lighter packaging with the use of recycled plastics and with the possibility of refillable ensembles. In this sense, the “circular creativity” project with Merck aligns perfectly with the eco-design practices and in the unstoppable path towards the rational and responsible use of resources in the beauty sector.

What advantages does this project provide to cosmetics brands?

Beauty brands can benefit from a more attractive appearance and image, creating amazing and unique effects. And all this through a single plastic injection process, eliminating the need for subsequent lacquering stages. This results in a more efficient use of resources, and a simplification of production flows.

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