Parfums Christian Dior unveils sustainability goals and strategy

Published: 4-Jul-2022

The luxury fragrance brand owned by LVMH is placing flowers at the centre of its corporate environmental strategy

Christian Dior Parfums has released its sustainability strategy entitled 'Beauty as a Legacy 2030'.

The LVMH perfume brand is placing flowers at the centre of its five pillar sustainability strategy that focuses on regenerative cultivation and biodiversity, responsible beauty, eco-design, climate preservation and cultural responsibility.

The announcement follows LVMH's 360 Frame of Action for Sustainability initiative launched last year.

"At Parfums Christian Dior, we've long believed that flowers are often overlooked for their powerful role in maintaining natural ecosystems, despite flowering plants constituting over 90% of the natural world's flower, research reveals that they face extinction far quicker than insects, birds and mammals," said Laurent Kleitman, CEO of Parfums Christian Dior.

The luxury fragrance house is introducing a voluntary biodiversity impact assessment to evaluate its footprint.

The brand will use its work in Grasse, France, the brand's key supplier region, as a blueprint to expand the assessment into other supply chain territories.

The house said it is transforming its supply chain to reduce emissions and with the aim to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2023.

Refillable packaging will be introduced across its flagship lines Sauvage, Rouge Dior and Prestige.

Virgin fossil plastic will be removed from packaging and all packaging will be recycled by 2028, pledged the brand.

Formulas will be updated in-line with Dior's responsible formulation charter and education content about ingredients has been introduced for consumers.

Parfums Christian Dior is also running a programme with non-profit Hectar, the world’s largest agricultural campus dedicated to regenerative cultivation.

The ambition is to launch a scalable education curriculum that is focused on regenerative flower farming by 2023.

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