Pibiplast at MakeUp 2023 in New York

Published: 7-Aug-2023

Pibiplast will be in New York with its latest products, which cater for new market trends

Pibiplast is the leading Italian developer and manufacturer of plastic packaging components for make-up and skin care. Always striving to offer innovative and versatile solutions combining performance, sustainability, and attention to detail, the company will be present at MakeUp in New York, one of the most important international tradeshows for the beauty industry, which will take place in New York on September 20-21. Pibiplast can be found at Booth E7.

All the products presented at the event are the latest solutions of PibiLab, the company’s in-house innovation center that compiles and translates the latest trends in the Beauty sector into new packaging concepts.


Pibiplast at MakeUp 2023 in New York

Among the novelties presented is the third release of the Make Up Your Mood collection. This includes three mascaras featuring a stunning aluminum overshell, offering not just premium quality but also an elegant and aesthetically appealing design. With a range of three exquisite finishes – glossy, matte, and brushed – Pibiplast offers a selection that complements every mood and occasion, allowing each brand to express its unique style.

The mascaras feature three new brush applicators, targeted to address the most commonly requested claims (Length and Definition, Buildable Volume, Immediate Volume). The Make Up Your Mood collection also includes a brow product with innovative applicator, specially designed to fix and color the eyebrows flawlessly. Make Up Your Mood is created in synergy with third party manufacturers, allowing brands to significantly reduce development and launch times for their new cosmetic products.

Also at center stage is Twisty, a squeezable one-hand tottle. The twist closure and compact sizeable one-hand use, making the product inclusive and accessible for everyone. Conceived with on-the-go lifestyles in mind, Twisty's compact and travel-friendly design ensures convenience and ease of use.

Pibiplast at MakeUp 2023 in New York

The pack features an integrated capsule and a retractable dropper dispenser that is revealed by rotating the capsule counterclockwise. Once the desired amount of product is dispensed, the dropper retracts with a simple clockwise rotation. This intuitive mechanism allows for precise dispensing, while the innovative "no spill" system allows a controlled delivery of the product and ensures optimal cleanliness of the capsule and bottle. 

At Make Up in New York, Pibiplast also unveils Snap & Go, the ultimate duo packaging for personalised and responsible beauty. Snap & Go features snap-fit bottles, allowing users to easily interchange different products to suit their needs perfectly and with no waste. Whether it's mascara, lip gloss, or eyebrow products, with Snap & Go you can mix and match and create your personalised combo.

Pibiplast at MakeUp 2023 in New York

This unique duo pack offers flexibility and convenience, both from the consumer and brand perspective: from a consumer standpoint, Snap & Go allows to combine two products in one smart pack, enabling individuals to buy - and repurchase - only the items they truly need. From a brand perspective, Snap & Go offers endless possibilities for customisation, allowing to provide consumers with innovative, truly personalised offerings.

Last but not least is PIBIKIND, Pibiplast’s groundbreaking technology of injection blow molding that eliminates the need for multiple steps. Through an innovative approach, this new technology enables the creation of personalised, textured finishes directly from the plastic transformation process itself. The result is a remarkable finish that would otherwise only be achievable by painting or other decorative processes.

Market demand is focusing on green and sustainable solutions but never compromising on aesthetic. To stand out on the shelves, a product must be beautiful and immediately catch the eye of the consumer. Allowing infinite design possibilities, and the alternation of matte and shiny finishes, PIBIKind meets the market demand of extreme customisation and sustainability at the same time. In fact, thanks to its shorter production process, the reduction of materials and energy used and the reduction of waste, PIBIKind guarantees lower environmental impact. Moreover, in the long run this in-mold technology results in a significant reduction of costs.

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