Pibiplast at Paris Packaging Week 2024

Published: 11-Jan-2024

Pibiplast will be at PCD to present its latest products and innovations

Pibiplast is the leading Italian developer and manufacturer of plastic packaging components for make-up and skincare. Always striving to offer innovative and versatile solutions combining performance, sustainability, and attention to detail, the company will be present at PCD Paris, one of the most important international trade shows for packaging innovation, which will take place in Paris on January 17-18 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Pibiplast can be found at Booth M62.

All the products presented at the event are the latest solutions of PibiLab, the company’s in-house innovation centre that compiles and translates the latest trends in the Beauty sector into new packaging concepts.


Among the novelties presented is the new collection Virtual Blossom. Nature and metaverse come together: the distinctive logo presents a stylised flower harmoniously combined with a pixelated, high-tech aesthetic.

The colour palette mirrors the contamination of nature and the virtual world of the metaverse: bright, iridescent pastels and pearly- metallic shades adorn the packaging. These beautiful tones evoke “digital flowers”, which ideally could be found in virtual spaces, creating a captivating and imaginative experience.

The collection features six products with performing applicator systems:

1. All-Over: mono-material rPET flaconette, this product boasts a generously-sized and comfortable flocked applicator. It's the perfect choice for versatile applications, for both body and face, like foundcealer, face serum, and primer.

2. Lip Oil: Combining the transparency and timeless elegance of glass, this product features a high-performance, drop-shaped flocked applicator. It's an excellent match for lip treatments and glossy formulations.

3. Face Primer: sophisticated cylindrical bottle with a full-bodied overcap, presents a precision dropper applicator, designed to suit a variety of hybrid and "skinification" formulations.

4. Volume and Length Mascara: entirely made in rPET, this mascara pairs with a brush made in patented and proprietary Pibiplast fiber with a unique conical shape, which helps to comb and coat every lash, while the precision tip easily catches and defines smaller corner lashes.

5. Tubing Primer: Featuring a cylindrical applicator specially designed for easy grip, this fiber brush is perfect for reaching even the shortest lashes. The tubing primer can be applied before your mascara to enhance its longevity or can be used alone for a more low-key look.

6. Brow Fixer: Introducing a new "kite"-shaped fiber brush for colouring and setting eyebrows. This geometrically designed brush helps to fill and fix the eyebrows, while its rigid fiber ensures precision. This versatile applicator suits a wide range of eyebrow formulations.

Pibiplast also presents the innovative duo packaging Snap & Go with a new look: a white and silver colour palette, ideal for treatment and hybrid products. Snap & Go features snap-fit bottles, allowing users to easily interchange different products to suit their needs perfectly and with no waste. Whether it's a serum mascara, lip oil, or spot face treatment, with Snap & Go you can mix and match and create your personalised combo.

This unique duo pack offers flexibility and convenience, both from a consumer and brand perspective: from a consumer standpoint, Snap & Go allows to combine two products in one smart pack, enabling individuals to buy - and repurchase - only the items they truly need. From a brand perspective, Snap & Go offers endless possibilities for customisation, allowing to provide consumers with innovative, truly personalised offerings.

At PCD, Pibiplast also unveils We Are Family, a lovely couple of mascaras and their "children". The line has been developed in response to the demand for mini sizes that reproduce the make-up experience of sales formats. The collection aims to offer brands tester or Deluxe formats for PWP or GWP promotions, designed to offer the same performance as the sales version. “Dad” and “Son” feature a bold plastic applicator with special loop-shaped bristles that guarantee an immediate volumising action. On the other hand “Mom” and “Daughter” mascaras come with drop-shaped applicators made from bio-based fibers, coating every lash to achieve a stunning fanned-out effect. The "We Are Family" collection by Pibiplast highlights the same performance on the lashes both with the "Parent" and miniature “Kid” version, emphasising quality and excellence, regardless of size.

Last but not least is PIBIKIND, Pibiplast’s groundbreaking technology of injection blow molding that simplifies the production process, eliminating the need for multiple steps. Through an innovative approach, this new technology enables the creation of personalised, textured finishes directly from the plastic transformation process. The result is a remarkable finish that would otherwise only be achievable by painting or other decorative processes. Market demand is focusing on green and sustainable solutions BUT never compromising on aesthetic. To stand out on the shelves, a product must be beautiful and immediately catch the eye of the consumer. Allowing infinite design possibilities, and the alternation of matte and shiny finishes, also overcoming the usual limitations of deco areas, PIBIKind meets the market demand of extreme customisation AND sustainability at the same time. In fact, thanks to its shorter production process, the reduction of materials and energy used and the reduction of waste, PIBIKind guarantees lower environmental impact. Moreover, in the long run this in-mold technology results in a significant reduction of costs.

On the occasion of PCD, PIBIKIND presents an all-new textured design featuring a leaf pattern, with intricately detailed veins that accentuate the exceptional quality achievable through this innovative technology.

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