proDerm offers anti-aging claim support

Published: 10-Apr-2013

Anti-aging claim support applying advanced non-invasive imaging systems

The proDERM Innovation Seminar during the in-cosmetics in Paris
17.04.2013, 10.00 am | in-cosmetics, theater 2, booth G20

proDerm offers anti-aging claim support

Anti-aging should be considered as a global phenomenon.
In order to study the structural age related skin damage from depth to surface, three levels are considered:

  • Epidermis and Dermis with useful confocal microscopy.
  • Skin Surface with Pigmentation assessment viewed by confocal microscopy and accurate macrophotography.
  • Total face photography to assess visual surface parameters.

In this presentation this new scientific approach in image analysis will be explained by use of concrete study results.

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