Purearth reshapes the future of wellness and Ayurveda globally

Published: 4-Jan-2021

Crafted with organic, wild harvest Ayurvedic botanicals and minerals

Purearth launches its much awaited Ayurvedic supplement range, bringing over 100 years of combined Ayurvedic knowledge and expertise into formulations that have been carefully researched by two of the foremost Ayurveda authorities in the world.

Crafted with organic, wild harvest Ayurvedic botanicals and minerals, one will find renowned herbs like vidarikand, guduchi and shilajit in Purearth’s vegan supplement line.

Their offering addresses three main areas of concern: Beauty and brain, body and balance, and soul and spirit.

“Launching an authentic range of wellness supplements backed by research has been an integral part of our plan at Purearth since inception. Our goal is not just limited to provide these supplements for a balanced, healthy lifestyle, but also to raise awareness and promulgate the richness and relevance of Ayurveda, indigenous knowledge and ancient wisdom," says Kavita Khosa, founder and CEO of Purearth.

"As a social enterprise, Purearth seeks to bridge the gap between the consumer and creator by partnering with grassroots producer groups and marginalised women farmers across India to source our ingredients.

"Providing a source of income generation and livelihood support remains at the core of our ethos and mission. I am honoured to be working alongside Professor Emeritus Dr Subhash Ranade and Dr Mrs Sunanda Ranade in bringing our first Ayurvedic supplement range to our consumers globally.

"Dr Ranade is a leading academician and physician in the field of Ayurveda, having authored 155 books on Ayurveda and Yoga, and I couldn’t be more excited to launch our supplement range under his guidance and expertise.” she adds.

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