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The UK’s leading rigid box specialist, producing a wide range of presentation packaging solutions, notably for luxury and gift items in the beauty, cosmetics, hair care and personal care sectors

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Pusterla Pollards has built an unsurpassed reputation in the design and manufacture of stunning and impactful packaging, tailored to individual product characteristics and to meet specific branding objectives. The company was recently named Luxury Packaging Supplier of the Year 2021 at the Luxury Packaging Awards.

Continued investment in the latest equipment, combined with the skills and expertise of its experienced design and technical teams, have ensured that the company has remained at the very forefront of the latest industry innovations and developments – producing packs of superb creativity and originality without any sacrifice in practicality and functionality, manufactured to the highest standards.

Pusterla Pollards’ four state-of-the-art UK manufacturing sites, along with the wider group’s reputable European footprint, mean the company is well established to cater for both UK and European customers. This ensures reliability of supply, shorter lead times and reduced carbon impact from deliveries. In addition, its bespoke fulfilment service provides a comprehensive one-stop service, manufacturing the boxes, packing these, and delivering the complete package to end-customers.


Pusterla Pollards

Design and Innovation Hub

The Pusterla Pollards Design and Innovation Hub offers the perfect complement to support, speed up and develop customer projects, and is equipped with the latest 2D/3D CAD, 3D Printing and plotting equipment.

The company’s design specialists are continually developing ideas and techniques to help customers introduce new concepts. In particular, their collective knowledge and constructional expertise are instrumental in turning initial designs into finished packs that can be manufactured cost-effectively.


Over the years Pusterla Pollards has made significant investment in the latest and most advanced production machinery, ensuring that its boxes continue to deliver the high quality demanded by customers. Complete attention to detail during the manufacturing process, with advanced technologies that enable boxes to be manufactured to extremely fine tolerances, create presentation packs that are strong and robust, both protecting and showcasing products while maximising brand image and on-shelf appeal.

Specialist equipment includes automated magnet and ribbon loop inserting machines.

Rigorous quality control and testing, using a variety of advanced equipment including an ink rub tester, programmable temperature and humidity chamber, ageing oven, compression tester, and simulator transport table, confirm each box’s ability to withstand different environments and the demands of the supply chain.

Pusterla Pollards

The Finishing Touch

The right packaging can do much to give a product the ‘edge’ in crowded and competitive markets. By reflecting and reinforcing brand image and values, it helps to generate that ‘must-have’ feeling among consumers in retail outlets and, just as importantly, provides excitement and anticipation for online purchases and home deliveries.

Pusterla Pollards’ wide repertoire of award-winning decoration and finishing techniques includes spot UV varnish, hot foil stamping, thermal and micro embossing, lamination, special silk screen finishes and the use of foils. The company can also source specialist materials to add a sensory element to the pack.

The ‘Opening Experience’

Pusterla Pollards

A brand’s relationship with its end consumer can be further enhanced by an effective ‘opening experience’, reinforcing the anticipation generated by the look of the pack. The first part of this is how the pack feels when it is handled. Materials and finishes can include soft-touch effects, while new multi-sensory technologies combine different textures for contrasting touch and feel, or the use of scents.

The opening experience can be further enhanced by creating an element of excitement, where the product is ‘revealed’ through a number of stages, such as untying a bow, opening a series of layers, or including a booklet before the product is reached.

Pusterla Pollards’ extensive experience in this area can help to create the point of differentiation that sets a brand apart from its competitors.


With the huge growth in e-commerce, brands need a fast and efficient solution to ensure online orders are satisfied and delivered in good time.

Pusterla Pollards’ in-house fulfilment service allows finished packs to be carefully filled with their products and sent directly to consumers. To further enhance this service, the company has now invested in the latest inline fulfilment robots. This provides an even more streamlined supply chain that brings products to market more quickly, at reduced costs and with a smaller carbon footprint.

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