Res Pharma offers emulsifier for professional hair dyes

Published: 10-Jul-2020

Emulpharma Chroma provides excellent performance at a wide range of pH levels

Res Pharma has launched an emulsifier claimed to be ideal for use in professional oxidation dyes.

According to the Italy-based cosmetic supplier, Emulpharma Chroma guarantees excellent performance at a wide range of pH levels, from 2.5 to 13.5, and is compatible with oils of different polarities, even in the presence of critical ingredients.

The liquid oil-in-water emulsifier (INCI: Lauryl alcohol, Di-C12-15 pareth-4 phosphate, myristyl alcohol, ceteth-2) is obtained from vegetable sources and is cold processable with high solubility, making it easily mix in oily phases.

It is compatible with silicones and hydrogen peroxide, and can be used with most conditioning agents without affecting viscosity.

Emulpharma Chroma has been developed for use in applications including developers, lighteners, relaxers and dyes for professional hair care, as well as conditioners, leave-in conditioners and SLES-based shampoos. Additionally, in SLES-based products it helps improve viscosity.

It can also be used in professional skin beauty products and lends itself well to the ‘skinnification of hair’ trend, says Res Pharma.

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