RMG produces high-tech security holograms and provides relevant security solutions to help companies protect product authenticity and brand value

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RMG is a South Korean hologram security technology enterprise founded in 2016 with the mission to protect the authenticity of companies’ brands and copyrights. Housing three brands – SWEBS, SECUTECH and SEALTICKER – that provide all-in-one solution for product authentication, RMG helps companies protect their brands against counterfeit and pirated goods, and also maintain their reputation and consumer trust.

The company’s technological excellence has been proven in many respects, including being the first company in Korea to apply for a patent for the combination of hologram technology and encrypted IT technology, and receiving the Republic of Korea (ROK) Enterprise Grand Award for six consecutive years in the Security Solution sector (2016~2021). As of June 2021, about 13,600 companies in diverse industries, such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, as well as public institutions, are using RMG’s holograms.

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SWEBS is an integrated product authentication platform. SWEBS’ hologram labels are attached onto products, of which its authenticity can be verified when scanned with a dedicated mobile application. It also comes with a web-based management system that provides various data reports related to products, distribution status, and customers.



SECUTECH is a brand dedicated to developing and manufacturing holograms that display strong levels of security by applying its anti-tampering technology, and also offers custom-made holograms meeting clients’ needs.



SEALTICKER is a sealing label brand that provides specially-made sealing stickers that leave adhesive residue when removed. It can be attached onto product packaging or documents for closure or security maintenance.

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