The visionary behind Victoria Beckham Beauty and Tom Ford is launching her own brand

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 4-Jun-2024

Sarah Creal Beauty was created by the former Estée Lauder executive as an aspirational make-up line for women over 40

The executive behind make-up lines for Tom Ford, Bobbi Brown and Victoria Beckham is stepping out of the shadows to launch her own eponymous brand. 

Sarah Creal Beauty was developed by the former Estée Lauder Companies leader as an aspirational brand to target women over the age of 40. 

The current line-up from the aspirational brand primarily focuses on complexion with a sunscreen, essence, eye cream, concealer and foundation brush. 

A mascara and lip balm are also included in the product range. 

Creal said she was inspired to launch her brand after becoming frustrated that the beauty industry has advanced in terms of technology and ingredients, but was still neglecting consumers over 40 years old. 

"Women in their 20s and 30s, whose young skin, young eyes, young lashes and young lips simply do not require the performance that more advanced features do," the brand states on 

"Her [Creal's] own go-to products stopped working: concealer was too dry or creasing, mascara was leaving black smudges under her eyes."

Creal is no stranger to launching brands with a 'by women, for women ethos'. 

As the founding CEO of Victoria Beckham Beauty – she parted ways with the style icon in 2022 – Creal previously explained to Cosmetics Business her frustrations. 

"It was the desire, as women, that we [Beckham and Creal] were going to decide what we wanted to create, what we wanted in our bags," she said in an interview in 2020. 

"There are still a lot of men running cosmetics and running these big companies, and I got a little tired of having to explain to a man what a woman wants."

She added: "You get to a certain age where you want to basically be doing what, in your heart and mind, is the right thing. 

"You get a little tired of doing the dance and women have to do the dance a lot. What we're doing now I definitely think is the harder thing. But it’s the freer thing."

Born between the mid 1960s and 1980s, Creal's target audience Gen X has powerful shopping habits and typically spends 44% more on cosmetics than other demographics, reported The Pull Agency. 


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