Sarah Jessica Parker talks the benefits of ageing with RoC Skincare

By Becky Bargh | Published: 28-Jun-2022

Beauty brand links up with ‘Sex and the City’ star to tackle anxiety around ageing

Sarah Jessica Parker has linked up with RoC Skincare to front a new project that celebrates ageing.

The beauty brand has tapped the Sex and the City star to be the voice of its Look Forward Project that aims to turn women’s anxiety about ageing to ‘joy about living’.

As part of the campaign, RoC has launched a new online resource, offering advice from experts on the proven benefits of optimism on the ageing process.

“When I heard about RoC’s Look Forward Project and its commitment to supporting women take on an optimistic outlook about the future, I felt compelled to help amplify this important conversation,” said the five time Golden Globe award winner.

“So much of our younger lives are spent trying to figure out who we are.

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become much better equipped to problem solve, to appreciate, to hear things that aren’t necessarily pleasant.

“The time spent living and the experience that comes with it adds up, and that’s something to look forward to.”

Daisy Robinton of Harvard University is among the experts talking about the benefits of optimism around ageing via RoC’s new platform.

Part of RoC's Multi Correxion range

Part of RoC's Multi Correxion range

A study between Robinton and RoC found that 90% of women feel anxious about getting older, which is triggered by the way they look, such as visible fine lines and wrinkles.

All age brackets, meanwhile, were found to worry about ageing.

More than half of 24-35 year olds said that society, culture and social media are the main drivers of pessimism around ageing.

Shockingly, 60% of women are more worried about their ageing appearance than having enough money after retirement.

“When our research revealed that more women are worried about their ageing appearance than something as important as being set up financially for the later stages of life, this opened our eyes in a big way,” added Robinton.

“If we centre the conversation about ageing on ‘looking forward’ instead of ‘looking older’, we can change this sentiment and improve women’s experiences of ageing throughout their lifespan.

“The research clearly demonstrates that optimism has a significant positive impact on health and longevity.

“Evidence shows that holding an optimistic outlook contributes to a boost in mental wellbeing, reduced anxiety, less chronic disease and is correlated to significantly longer lifespans to boot.”

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