SkinColorCatch: Advanced Technology for Skin Color Measurements

Published: 13-Feb-2022

Delfin SkinColorCatch provides quantitative values for erythema and melanin, making it ideal for studies related to skin color

The Delfin SkinColorCatch is a precise all-in-one colorimeter for measuring skin color, melanin and erythema.

The fully portable and pocket-sized SkinColorCatch measures erythema and melanin indices independently of each other and also measures ITA degree, L*a*b* and RGB values with the same push of a button.

Erythema and melanin indices are indicators quantifying skin erythema and pigmentation.

The erythema index describes the redness of skin which is typically associated with skin dryness, injuries, burns, allergic reactions, infections, skin diseases and some health conditions.

The melanin index describes skin pigmentation which is the primary determinant of skin color. With traditional colorimeters, erythema measurement is often affected by melanin and vice versa.

Delfin has solved this problem with the SkinColorCatch, which is able to measure both erythema and melanin indices separately from each other.

The SkinColorCatch utilizes advanced LED technology to measure multiple skin color values simultaneously with a single measurement.

White LEDs corresponding to daylight are arranged circularly inside the measurement probe.

Once the device is placed on skin to perform the measurement, the white LEDs illuminate the skin in an angle of 45 degrees to minimise gloss.

The light reflecting back from skin is detected with a sensitive RGB sensor and the measurement values are displayed within seconds.


  • Measures melanin and erythema independently of each other
  • Shows RGB, CIE L*a*b* and L*c*h* color space coordinates
  • Calculates ITA° automatically
  • Readings are unaffected by contact pressure and ambient light
  • Portable and battery operated
  • Fast and convenient measurement
  • Calibration check tool included


  • Product and formulation R&D in pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetic industries
  • Claims validations
  • Efficacy testing
  • Skin research studies
  • UV radiation induced erythema and pigmentation
  • Erythema related to allergy or irritation

Delfin SkinColorCatch provides quantitative values for erythema and melanin, making it ideal for studies related to skin color. Results of skin color measurements can be easily collected with Delfin Modular Core (DMC) Software.

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