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Delfin Technologies is the world leader in portable skin research instruments. Delfin Technologies offers innovative, scientifically validated portable instrumentation for measuring various skin properties and the effect of products to the skin. Delfin offers a wide range of instruments for measuring various skin parameters. Our instruments are scientifically validated and tested and calibrated for quality and accuracy. Delfin Technologies has grown into a company with global market reach where our products are now used in over 40 countries with North America, Europe and Asia representing our leading markets. Delfin has had the privilege to work with some of the world’s top companies and professionals in skin and tissue research. We are located in Kuopio, Finland and serve our customers through our global network of distributors and representatives

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Delfin provides measurement instruments to get reliable claims validation and safety information for both regulatory and marketing purposes.

Our products have an established role in determining the efficacy, safety and performance characteristics for personal care and cosmetic products. Our customers most typically use our instruments for studying.

  • Effects of ingredients, raw materials, formulations and finished products on skin
  • Human and animal skin and its physiological changes
  • Materials and products in in-vitro setups.

Key features of Delfin measurement instruments

Delfin instruments are practical and easy to use. Short measurement times, orientation free positioning and wireless data collection add to the convenience of use and subject comfort.

The Delfin Modular Core software features include the creation of projects, collection of measurement data and exporting of project data to other programs for further analysis.



Delfin Technologies

The Delfin VapoMeter is the first portable easy-to-use closed chamber instrument to assess epidermal barrier and transepidermal water loss (TEWL) in in vivo and in vitro conditions. The VapoMeter is wireless, fully portable and measurements are unaffected by the instrument’s orientation.

Measurements take just a few seconds and accurate repeatable results are obtained at both high and low evaporation levels. A range of Franz cell adapters are available for in-vitro studies. The VapoMeter has been widely used in a wide range of clinical studies and you will find several hundred journal articles on our website covering a large number of applications.


Delfin Technologies

The MoistureMeterSC is a fully portable wireless instrument for measuring skin surface hydration. Skin surface hydration is a function of both the moisture held in the stratum corneum and the thickness of the stratum corneum’s dry layer.

The MoistureMeterSC uses a precise (1.25 MHz) electromagnetic field to measure the skin’s dielectric constant which takes both variables into account, giving more accurate results than other skin hydration measurement devices.

The MoistureMeterSC is widely used by personal care and pharmaceutical companies around the world for in-house claims substantiation and formulation, the evaluation of skin care and treatments and in a wide range of research studies.


Delfin Technologies

The MoistureMeterEpid measures deep skin hydration. Measurement of water content at epidermal level provides important information to assist with understanding skin healthiness and the effect of products and ingredients on the skin. Delfin’s unique MoistureMeterD product family introduces a practical and cost-effective way to measure deep skin hydration at the epidermal layer, not only on skin surface.


Delfin Technologies

The SkinColorCatch is a precise all-in-one colorimeter for measuring skin color, melanin and erythema. Erythema and melanin indices are indicators quantifying skin erythema and pigmentation. With traditional colorimeters erythema measurement is often affected by melanin and vice versa.

This has been solved in the fully portable and pocket sized Delfin SkinColorCatch, which measures erythema and melanin indices insensitive to each other. In addition to this, the SkinColorCatch measures ITA degree, L*a*b* and RGB values with the same push of button.


Delfin Technologies

The ElastiMeter is an elegant indentation instrument for skin elasticity measurements. Elasticity is one of the key measurables in determining skin condition and the impact of ageing, clinical and environmental conditions on the elasticity of skin is of particular interest to many in the personal care and pharmaceutical sectors.

The ElastiMeter is an ideal instrument for anyone involved in this subject. The ElastiMeter is fully portable, with a measurement time of a few seconds.


Delfin Technologies

The SebumScale is an accurate instrument for measuring the the sebum secretion rate on the skin.

With the SebumScale, skin sebum excretion measurements with absolute units are now possible. The sensitive SebumScale measures the amount of sebum accurately in micrograms per 1 cm2. The portable and wireless SebumScale is a compact instrument that combines microbalance technology with the use of sophisticated measurement sensors.


Delfin Technologies

The SkinGlossMeter measures gloss of the skin accurately. The SkinGlossMeter has applications in R&D of cosmetic and personal care industries, claims substantiation, skin research studies, assessment of skin type and evaluation of skin care.

The SkinGlossMeter is fully portable and has a built-in rechargeable battery. The practicality of the instrument allows gloss measurements also on difficult body areas like lips.

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