Spectra help enhance Trepadora’s environmental stance

Published: 26-Aug-2022

Spectra recently provided Trepadora with vibrant new packs for their curl therapy hair care products

The female-founded curly hair brand is the brainchild of Keisha Lawler, who set up the successful business in 2015.

The Trepadora hair care range takes advantage of Spectra’s popular 300ml Roma (Ref: 6136) in 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) HDPE, paired with our disc top closure (Ref: 3033).

Trepadora‘s four Curl Reviving Kit packs also utilise Spectra’s 50ml Tubular design (Ref: 6002), manufactured in 100% HDPE PCR and completed with our 20/415 flip-top (Ref: 3018).

We exact colour matched all eight packs with two-pass silkscreen print within our dedicated decoration facility.

Sophie Pearson, Customer Services Supervisor at Spectra Packaging, said, “Our comprehensive portfolio of standard bottles and closures enable brands a stress-free complete packaging solution. Equally, for those brands wishing to minimise the environmental impact of their packaging, Spectra can offer recycled solutions from 30%, up to 100%”.

Spectra’s extensive portfolio of standard designs provides nearly 300 off-the-shelf bottle and closure options in various styles and capacities, available in HDPE, PET and PP. All Spectra containers now include 30% recycled content as standard. Trepadora has taken reuse and recycle approach to its packaging, whereby consumers can reuse the pump before discarding the bottle and cap.

Trepadora noted: “Our reusable pump is durable and can be repeatedly used when replenishing your favourite Trepadora product. Suitable for those who enjoy the precise dosage of a pump dispenser. Pumps are currently not recyclable unless taken to a specialist centre”.

They added, “We encourage you to keep reusing for as long as possible and dispose in your general household waste once no longer required. We do not recommend mixing the pump in between different products. Do not rinse; remove from empty bottle and screw it onto the new one.”

Keisha Lawler, the founder of Trepadora, commented, “Spectra provided a sustainable solution that enriches our environmental ethos. We are delighted with the outcome.”

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