Spectra Packaging proudly announces the achievement of Halal and Vegan certifications for its packaging solutions

Published: 2-Nov-2023

This step aligns with Spectra's commitment to ethical inclusivity and provides brands with a complete Halal and Vegan-friendly packaging solution

With the rising popularity of Halal and Vegan products, the demand for certified packaging options has increased significantly. Spectra's certifications ensure brands can meet the expectations of consumers seeking products that align with their dietary, religious, and ethical beliefs.

Halal-certified products have seen a surge in demand, especially among the growing global Muslim population. The Halal certification from Spectra allows brands to capture this expanding market by providing Halal-conscious consumers with packaging solutions that comply with their religious requirements.

Additionally, the rising interest in veganism has prompted increased demand for Vegan-friendly options. Spectra's Vegan certification enables brands to offer packaging solutions that meet the expectations of environmentally conscious consumers seeking cruelty-free and plant-based alternatives.

Gavin Chenery, Commercial Director at Spectra, said, “Huge efforts are made by brands to ensure their products meet the requirements for Halal and Vegan certification, but often the packaging falls short. These credentials mean our customers and end-user consumers can rest assured that their packaging is manufactured with the same care and to the same standards as the product it contains”.

By obtaining Halal and Vegan certifications, Spectra reinforces its commitment to quality and ethical packaging practices. These certifications provide brands and consumers with the assurance that the packaging is manufactured with the same care and high standards as the product itself. Spectra continues to lead the industry by catering to evolving consumer preferences and promoting responsible and sustainable packaging practices.

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