Supia Asia launches Gold Yumehada Emollient Cream

Published: 30-Sep-2019

Everything started in 1975, The two Professors repeated research and purification, it was finally found that γ-PGA extracted during the fermentation of natto has a triple moisturizing function, which can increase cell moisture and form a protective water-locking layer in the skin.

Natto also contains vitamin B2, which promotes cell regeneration, and vitamin B6, which controls sebum secretion. It has whitening, anti-aging and anti-edema effects.

Based on the results of this research, the two invented the world's first BB cream, and then made an innovative breakthrough. The cream and BB cream were combined into one, and the first nude cream in Japanese history was born. Continuous improvement and innovation, just to make your skin a touch of white, a touch of light, Gold Yumehada was born!

Forty-eight years of inheritance, for generations of people, only to achieve natural whitening, extreme moisturizing, Japan's natural hot spring water plus natto extract, only for the production of high-quality muscle skin care products.

Everyone says: One white covers every ugly! Every woman wants to have a natural beauty, white and smooth, let people remember, women, can be not beautiful, but must have the good skin. You know the importance of make-up, but I don't want to start in the morning, I don't want to unload at night.

You also know that this method will not only last for a long time, but also cause irreversible damage to the skin in the long run. Quickly add a bottle of Gold Yumehada Emollient Cream, one touch and white, no need to remove makeup, long-term use can also rejuvenate skin, no need to worry about cosmetic damage to the skin base!

Gold Yumehada Emollient Cream - a touch of white, save the lazy girl, waiting for you to become beautiful!

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