The latest Japanese magic skin care product

Published: 28-Nov-2019

Popular Japanese niche brand Gold Yumehada is highly recommended by domestic and foreign media

Gold Yumehada is made with all natural ingredients which have fast acting results at a low price. Whitening anti-ageing products are usually a high investment however we have found a gap in the market to introduce a product that works just as well at a small price compared to other competitors.

We pride ourselves on growing organically as our client base is constantly increasing due to the formulation & quality of our products. We use high-efficiency natural technology in creating each and every product.

What’s so special about Gold Yumehada and why do so many peoples love and insist on using it?

It all started in 1975. President Igarashi has a high degree of passion for natural skincare aesthetics and when he studied natural skincare cosmetics, he repeatedly researched and purified, and finally found that γ-PGA extracted during the fermentation of natto has a triple moisturizing function.

Furthermore, it increases cell moisture and forms a protective water-retaining layer in the skin. Natto also contains vitamin B2 to promote cell regeneration and vitamin B6 to control sebum secretion, which has whitening, better skin repair and anti-aging effects.

Based on repeated research, the Igarashi invented the first generation of BB cream, and then made breakthroughs. The face cream and BB cream were combined into one, and the first-generation emollient cream was born.

After the product formula was continuously improved and innovated and achieved the best results, Gold Yumehada was born!

50 years of inheritance and generations of persistence, just to achieve natural whitening, ultimate moisturizing. Japan's natural hot spring water is rich in silicon and sulfur, the former can tighten the skin, with the latter being the main component of skin amino acid and collagen synthesis, a thousand times the moisturizing power and promote cell detoxification, plus natto essence, which can produce a series of high-quality skin care products.

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