The Beauty Accelerator 2024 finalists: 5 of the most exciting emerging British beauty brands you should know

Published: 28-Feb-2024

The Red Tree is delighted to announce that after receiving a record-breaking number of applications of an exceptionally high calibre, 5 brands have been short-listed for the final of The Beauty Accelerator 2024

The brand founders will be interviewed by this year’s judging panel: The Red Tree, SFC Capital, and Freeths, for the chance to receive up to £250,000 equity investment and a year-long strategic partnership.

“The Beauty Accelerator is a testament to the great innovation in the beauty sector, showcasing exceptional winners in the past like Fussy, Faace or Cutbox. We've been impressed by the quality of the finalists with strong founding teams and commercial acumen. All the best to the lucky finalists!” Stephen Page, CEO of SFC Capital

‘Not only do we have a fantastic set of finalists this year, we had to make some incredibly difficult decisions to reach this stage. The calibre this year was exceptional and it will undoubtedly be a competitive final’ Fiona Glen, Director of Projects at The Red Tree

“It has been fascinating reading the inspiring pitch documents and learning about the innovation and future trends in the industry which are being pioneered by these exciting start-ups. The calibre of the finalists has been really impressive and it will be very difficult to choose a winner as they are such a strong bunch of finalists. I wish all the finalists success in the future.” Rebecca Howlett, Partner at Freeths

Introducing our finalists, 5 of the most exciting emerging British beauty brands you should know


Inspired by the concept of blow-dry bars, Beam takes the single-service beauty offer to the makeup industry. Providing access to top-tier professional makeup artists, Beam offers three key services, The Beams: simply getting your makeup done, The Discovers: learn tricks and tips, and finally, The Observ Skin Analysis. The service aims to personalise the typical department store makeover, providing access to a variety of modern, makeup artist-approved brands, tailoring to skin type in an affordable and time-saving manner.

My Skin Feels

Born in Brighton, My Skin Feels is a natural skincare brand harnessing a unique blend of fermented, upcycled by-products of tomato ketchup, olive oil, breakfast oats, and orange juice. Having worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years, founder Danielle Close has gone the extra mile in terms of sustainability, from the ingredients to local manufacturing and a proprietary waste-saving outer box. The brand is making a difference by changing mindsets on ‘what waste is’, and building a conscious community with products that make real changes to your skin.


Translated as ‘to be invited’, Convié is a community-first beauty brand using a gamified co-creation model to incentivise consumer participation in every stage of the product development process. Moving beyond the typical loyalty-scheme approach, the brand leverages Web3 to offer tokens for participation in brand experiences. Placing the power back into the hands of their community, Convié’s approach challenges the wasteful status quo, taking time to understand true customer needs and producing product in an intentional, effective manner.

Palm & Pine

Palm & Pine is the skincare ritual for the everyday athlete. With two natural, vegan proprietary SPF formulations the brand offers a year-round solution for before, during and after sport. In 100% plastic-free packaging, the product listens to common pain points found by athletes from ensuring no stinging eyes to thoughtful product formats. Relevant for summer and winter athletes, the brand combines quality product with premium aesthetic.


Built upon conversation, Calling is a beauty brand addressing the needs of real women. In a market saturated by macro voices (celebrities, influencers) Calling brings to the fore the voices of everyday mothers and sisters, listening and responding to their true pain points and passions. The brand prioritises inclusivity beyond marketing, aiming to address the real issues faced by women in shopping for beauty, and providing clean, functional and community-driven beauty.

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