The next generation of skin formulations

Published: 18-Sep-2023

In 1990, there was the initiative called the Human Genome Project that took 13 years to sequence the human genome, the building blocks of human life. Those same results can now be obtained in just a few days, with the Guinness World Record of just 5 hrs. and 2 minutes! How is this possible? Next generation sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a game-changing technique that can sequence millions of pieces of DNA all at once. With NGS, scientists now have a deeper, detailed view down into the DNA and can identify the new and diverse microbial species previously undetected. This same technology has applications in cosmetics. Imagine unlocking the secrets of your skin's tiny inhabitants, paving the way for revolutionary skincare insights and personalised treatments.

Thanks to NGS, a multinational team of researchers were able to create the Skin Microbial Genome Collection. They uncovered genetic diversity of microorganisms present on the skin and characterised microbial diversity from human skin samples with unparalleled resolution.

NGS opens up intriguing and fascinating possibilities for personalised cosmetic products. The study of the human skin microbiome has become a cornerstone in the cosmetic and dermatological fields. By analysing an individual’s skin or scalp microbiome, companies can create tailored products that optimise the microbial balance for improved health. This personalised approach recognises the unique microbial composition of each individual and offers a new frontier in customised consumer experiences.

NGS is a service that is best outsourced because of the complex data and the technical experience that is needed. If you want to explore NGS click here to revolutionise your products.

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