The Importance of Cosmetic Microbiology

Published: 23-Jul-2018

The frequency of FDA contamination notices in the cosmetics industry is on the rise, and no company wants to be in the headlines because of a recall.

New legislation is only a starting point for regulators to improve industry practices.

Earlier this year, Charles River hosted a webinar with industry thought leader Phil Geis to discuss these regulatory trends along with some of the burning questions surrounding cosmetics quality control, such as:

  • Why is microbial quality so important for the cosmetics industry?
  • What are objectionable organisms and how do they get into products?
  • How can appropriate quality controls mitigate risk of product contaminations?
  • What are the characteristics of a sound environmental monitoring program?
  • The answers to these questions and many others will be presented in this webinar.
  • How can companies meet increasing regulatory requirements for testing?

The answers to these questions and many others can be found in the recording of this webinar, now available here.

In today's challenging regulatory environment, the pressure to release products faster while eliminating the risk of contamination continues to increase, while many companies struggle to keep pace with regulatory expectations.

Charles River has collected and compiled the information you need to know about upcoming changes in regulatory oversight that have potentially significant impacts to your business.

Included are topics like current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), data integrity, environmental monitoring, and available solutions, so you are prepared for your next inspection.

Download their regulatory solutions brochure here.

About the Presenter

Phil Geis

Phil Geis

Phil Geis, PhD
Geis Microbiological Quality Consulting
Affiliated with Advanced Testing Laboratory

Philip A. Geis is a native Texan who has over 35 years of industrial experience and notably is the author and editor of the leading cosmetic handbook, Cosmetic Microbiology: A Practical Approach.

In his 30-year career with The Procter & Gamble Company, Dr. Geis was responsible for technical efforts of multiple operations around the globe and acquired unique experience in diverse regulatory, manufacturing, and product quality realities.

His contributions to the field are so widely recognized that P&G established the "Dr. Philip Geis Excellence in Product Quality" award in his honour and named him its first recipient.

Phil retired in 2011 and began consulting in affiliation with the Advanced Testing Laboratory of Cincinnati, OH. Dr. Geis also publishes and lectures on microbiological and environmental subjects, is editor for the journal International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation and serves in the Microbiology and Cell Science department of the University of Florida as instructor and chair of its advisory committee.

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