TNT Global Manufacturing continues to grow Penhaligon’s family

Published: 3-Jun-2019

The new caps will be used on the fragrance house's Portraits range

Metal specialist TNT Global Manufacturing has once again worked with Penhaligon’s to cap the fragrance house’s Portraits collection.

The two new scents, The Impudent Cousin Matthew and The Ingénue Cousin Flora, are topped with zamak caps and aluminium collars from TNT.

The fineness and accuracy of detail are thanks to a mastered production process including die-casting, unmoulding and assembly.

The caps are manually polished before gold electroplating for a high end finish.

Cousin Matthew has a mandarin head note with a petitgrain heart and a base of patchouli, while Cousin Flora opens with a citrus cocktail and has a heart note of musk with an ambroxan dry down.

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