Vytrus Biotech's exclusive webinar: Beyond Skin Surface to Whole Body Connection

Published: 15-Feb-2024

Traditional skin care has often focused on the skin's surface functions. However, Vytrus Biotech adopts a more holistic approach, acknowledging the skin as the body's largest organ, performing myriad critical functions and biological axes. From temperature regulation and sensation to water resistance and absorption, the skin is a vital player in our overall health

Eager to deepen your knowledge on the multiple intricate skin biological axes in cosmetics?  

Vytrus Biotech invites you to a transformative exploration in its next free webinar, 'Beyond Surface: Unveiling the Skin's Connections with the Whole Body’, available in English, on March 7th .

The biotech company will delve into the skin's extensive connections with various body systems while highlighting how the skin acts as an interchanger, physically and physiologically linking these systems, showcasing its role far beyond the superficial.

Discover how Vytrus Biotech's cutting-edge research into plant cell biotechnology is leveraging these connections to develop innovative cosmetic actives that support the skin in its holistic role. By understanding and enhancing these biological axes, those cosmetic ingredients offer more than superficial benefits, promoting overall health and well-being.

Stay tuned to unveil further research advances from Vytrus Biotech, as they continue to explore newfound biological axes, emphasizing the profound connection between the skin and the body's overall health.

Register now for free to stay tuned about how to redefine skincare in cosmetic science, moving beyond the surface to embrace the skin's integral role in our body's ecosystem.

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