Vytrus TV: The Channel Inspired by plants for cosmetics to learn about

Published: 17-Nov-2023

Welcome to Vytrus TV, where science, nature, and passion converge in the world of cosmetics. It goes beyond being just a channel; it's a digital advancement in biotechnologically qualified skincare and haircare

Vytrus TV works as a communication platform, delivering  high-value knowledge and education on Vytrus technology and research to a diverse digital community, including formulators, chemists, R&D, brand leaders, and innovators.

This digital platform is divided into three exciting categories, each offering a deep dive into our innovative approach to science-baked cosmetic active ingredients:

Innovating with Plant Stem Cells:

Explore how Vytrus draws inspiration from the remarkable properties of plants, introducing a new way of approaching beauty through the power of nature. Embark on a journey through biotechnological platforms that have contributed to create innovative and sustainable actives, the environment and enhancing the health of your skin and hair.

Formulating from Nature:

At the core of developing natural products that align with current trends is listening to consumers’ desires. In this category, Vytrus shares its expertise, helping cosmetic formulators create a wide range of possibilities using new biotech concepts, and offering high-value formulation proposals to elevate the standards of your cosmetic formulations.

Plant Stories:

Plants, incredibly intelligent beings, have evolved exceptional mechanisms over centuries. What if we could harness their natural power for cosmetics using a biotech approach? Learn more about the smart plant strategies translated into skincare and haircare solutions.

Take a sneak peek at Vytrus TV, your passport to a world of beauty innovation offering at your fingertips the limitless potential of biotechnology and the wonders of the natural world to create new cosmetic concepts that will leave you inspired and informed.

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