Which colours are really hot for spring and summer 2024?

Published: 22-Nov-2022

The future is still uncertain? The colour trends are not! Catch a glimpse at our Trend Color Concepts for Cosmetics that have just been released:

“Ready for the Big Ramps”

Expressive colours underline the willpower of those who do not let setbacks get them down: "Ready for the Big Ramps" shows strong and fresh colour shades for all those who go their own way unflinchingly. The all-in one wheel encompasses the product range of ECKART effect pigments: It presents a full face make up application set for lips, cheeks and eyes.

Stability and specific textures in the creamy formulations are guaranteed by TIXOGEL mastergels. LAPONITE-XLG forms a highly thixotropic gel structure in the hair spray, it stabilises the effect pigments and provides a very fine spray at the same time.


Inner balance is important in order to successfully meet the challenges of everyday life. Our trend concept "Namaste" is an invitation to relax and calm down.

This Color Trend embraces warm and natural colours. SYNCRYSTAL and MIRAGE earth tones add all effects for a shiny, healthy yoga skin look. RHEOBYK-7590 PC stabilises the W/O face cream perfectly and provides a flowy texture.

“Endless Summer”

When the sun kisses the sea, we start to dream of an “Endless Summer”: Summery, warm pastel colours combined with cool pearlescent effects of SYNCRYSTAL express this dream and remind us of endless days at the beach. SYNAFIL S1050 works as a semi-transparent filler in the loose eyeshadow and provides a delicate and powdery skin feel, while PURABYK-R 5510 gives the liquid eyeliner formulation stability and a thixotropic rheological behaviour, perfect to draw thin and precise lines.

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