Will Jaclyn Hill ask fans to name new make-up products?

Published: 22-Apr-2016

Influential vlogger confirms first beauty range will launch in early 2017

I love LA👽

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Vlogger Jaclyn Hill has released new details about her hotly anticipated debut make-up range.

Hill first announced she was working on Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics at the end of last year, shortly after an Instagram account was created that caught the attention of her fans called jaclynhillcosmetics.

Now the vlogger has released further details about the range and hinted at the fact she may call on her fanbase to help her decide the names of her products.

On Twitter, Hill wrote: “It’s going to be an early 2017 launch. Trust me, I’m ridiculously anxious about this. You will be helping me with names very soon…”. She previously tweeted: “For all inquiring minds.. Yes, I am in LA working on my own cosmetic line. It’s been 2 years & I’m very nervous about it still.”

For more on the launch, click here.

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