Jaclyn Hill returns to social and admits cosmetics launch was a “fail”

By Becky Bargh | Published: 25-Jul-2019

The beauty vlogger pulled her debut cosmetics line after the products her found to be 'mouldy' and 'hairy'

After a turbulent month of speculation and social media silence, Jaclyn Hill has returned to her YouTube channel.

In the new 19 minute video Hill admits her cosmetics launch was a “failure” and that she was “not involved enough in quality control”.

In June, the beauty influencer launched her eponymous brand, Jaclyn Cosmetics, with a collection of lipsticks.

Despite the range quickly selling out, consumers criticised the quality of the line claiming that the products were found to be ‘mouldy’ and ‘hairy’.

After a flurry of complaints, Hill issued all customers with a refund, turned off her social media channels and shut the brand’s website.

In her apology video uploaded this week, she said: “I did not have a big quality control team big enough to handle what I was doing.

“It’s so important to me that you guys to know how sorry I am and how embarrassed I am.”

The 29-year-old vlogger also said she was “overconfident” with her launch.

Now, she has said her brand will relaunch with a different laboratory, despite having to pull her product line.

“In this past month I have built an entire new quality control team,” she added.

“I am doing every single thing in my power to make sure that things like this never happen again.”

Hill is yet to reveal any further details about the brand or what products she will release.

Despite turning off her social media sites, she still has almost 6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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