With a unique in vitro + ex vivo approach, KIND TO BIOME continues to grow with name-worthy client line-up

Published: 30-May-2024

KIND TO BIOME is rapidly establishing itself among the leaders in microbiome science, partnering with renowned companies such= as Unilever, The L'OCCITANE Group, COSMAX, Perrigo, and Shiseido. These collaborations underscore KIND TO BIOME's commitment to providing scientifically robust and cost-effective microbiome testing services

Leading brands are choosing KIND TO BIOME for their unique and comprehensive in vitro + ex vivo testing protocols, which ensure reliable claim substantiation in line with the global regulatory landscape. This approach offers brands the certainty they need while remaining budget-friendly.

Leo Salvi, Head of Science, emphasises the importance of KIND TO BIOME's in vitro + ex vivo approach when it comes to providing robust claim substantiation. He says “it is crucial to move beyond of a simple In Vitro protocol and look also into the effect that products have on live strains, meaning the bacteria that actually live on our skin and not only laboratory grown ones. At KIND TO BIOME we also offer in vivo protocols, but in the light of the current global regulations we note that our clients tend to agree with us with regards to the soundness of our in vitro + ex vivo protocols and in particular relating to the enabled claims".

KIND TO BIOME Quality Seal

The KIND TO BIOME Quality Seal, registered in over 30 countries, including major cosmetic markets worldwide, certifies the microbiome-gentleness of both final formulas and raw materials. This seal offers consumers dependable third-party assurance regarding the microbiome-friendliness of products across various personal care categories, from oral and facial care to feminine products and deodorants.

Innovative Testing Protocols

KIND TO BIOME’s unique in vitro + ex vivo testing approach ensures comprehensive microbiome claim substantiation, balancing scientifi rigour with budget-friendly solutions. Their protocols consist of four meticulously designed phases that assess a product’s impact on natural and pathogenic flora, as well as microbiome biodiversity:

  • Phase 1: Microbiological Purity – Products are tested for microbiological sterility according to ISO 17516:2014 standards, ensuring the lack of background flora.
  • Phase 2: Preserving Natural Flora – This phase simulates the product's interaction with natural flora, verifying that it sustains the population of beneficial microorganisms.
  • Phase 3: Effect on Pathogenic Flora – Assessing the product’s impact on opportunistic pathogens, this phase helps determine the product’s effectiveness against harmful microorganisms.
  • Phase 4: Microbiome Biodiversity – Using an ex vivo approach, products are tested on swabs from certified volunteers to examine their impact on the actual human microbiome, bridging the gap between in vitro and in vivo studies.

Comprehensive Protocols for All Body Areas

KIND TO BIOME offers testing protocols tailored to all areas of the body, enabling thorough assessments of final products and raw materials according to their intended application. Protocol examples include face, body, scalp, feet, baby’s skin, sebaceous areas, moist skin areas, dry areas, intimate areas, nasal cavity, oral, palm of hand, and acne-prone skin.

These scientifically validated protocols support a variety of claims, such as:

  • Skin/scalp microbiome-gentle
  • Skin/scalp microbiome-friendly
  • Does not disturb/interfere with the skin/scalp microbiome
  • Respects the natural microbiome of healthy skin/scalp
  • Maintains the skin microbiome balance of healthy skin/scalp

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