Haut.AI partners with Pure Beauty Awards UK 2024 to celebrate innovation in beauty and personal care

Published: 5-Jun-2024

Haut.AI, a leading European AI company specialising in personalised skincare and beauty experiences, has announced its sponsorship of the Pure Beauty Awards UK 2024. This partnership is fueled by a common goal: to celebrate products that are pushing the boundaries of science, creativity, and consumer-centricity to deliver the most effective and enjoyable beauty experiences

The Pure Beauty Awards UK, a cornerstone event in the beauty industry, has been recognising outstanding products and brands for over two decades. With a rich history of showcasing excellence across a wide range of categories – from skincare and haircare to make-up and body care – the awards have become a benchmark for quality and innovation. Haut.AI, with its unwavering commitment to innovation, is a natural partner for the Pure Beauty Awards UK. Haut.AI is continuously delivering transformative experiences in skincare personalisation through the development of cutting-edge AI technologies. It’s Skin Analysis SaaS Platform, leverages AI and extensive skin imaging datasets, to equip brands with the possibility to provide personalized product recommendations to clients, ultimately enhancing the consumer experience.

"We are excited to support the Pure Beauty Awards UK and its recognition of the latest achievements in beauty and personal care," said Anastasia Georgievskaya, CEO of Haut.AI. "We're particularly looking forward to seeing the innovative products that address individual beauty needs, use new technologies, and prioritize inclusivity, enabling consumers to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin”.

Haut.AI's SaaS platform seamlessly integrates into existing e-commerce websites and mobile apps, empowering brands to offer virtual skin consultations, in-store skin analysis kiosks, and personalised product recommendations. By bridging the gap between technology and skincare, Haut.AI is transforming the way consumers discover and engage with beauty products, ultimately driving customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and sales growth. This shared dedication to advancing the beauty industry makes Haut.AI a perfect match for an awards program.

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