Wildsmith Skin uses mushroom-based packaging to replace plastic

The British luxury beauty brand has 'grown' boxes using eco-friendly and biodegradable mycelium packaging

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Albéa expands presence in China

The French cosmetic manufacturer and wholesaler will use the new facility for metal parts

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Chanel and Sky invest in plastic-free start-up Sulapac

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L'Occitane strips 30 tonnes of cardboard from Christmas packaging

The beauty brand has opted for a lighter cardboard pack for its most popular holiday gift boxes

Why is the beauty industry still failing people with disabilities?

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Hoffmann Neopac acquires Netherlands-based CM Packaging

From January onwards, the two companies will operate as a single entity

L’Oréal unveils a 'world first' eco-friendly beauty bottle

The French cosmetics brand owner is set to launch a bottle made from responsibly sourced paper

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Strategies for sustainability are as important for secondary packaging in the beauty sector as they are for primary ...

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Declutter guru Marie Kondo wants to spark joy with new online wellness store

The company behind the Japanese creator of the KonMari tidying up method is now owned by retail giant Rakuten

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Pro Carton introduces 5 characters illustrating the 5 'r's of responsible recycling