Global packaging industry set to spend 2.8% more on beauty

Rising hygiene levels in developing countries is largely responsible for the predicted growth of the sector

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How beauty brands are transforming trash into treasure

Beauty brands are striving to make the wasteful, tasteful

Burberry unveils new brand look for the first time in 20 years

Coty, Burberry's beauty and fragrance licence partner, has not yet announced how it will impact the division

RPC Bramlage debuts premium alternative to cylindrical jars

The new Coral jar is said to be ideal for facial products and can be decorated using hot stamping and lacquering

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Personal care product security solutions are increasingly sophisticated – but what price is too high for anti-tampering ...

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Parfums Givenchy calls on Carestia for Live Irrésistible Bloom Crush scented stickers

The sticker format uses Carestia Arcade Beauty’s odour-neutral card to release the premium fragrance

Transparent business: 9 beauty brands proving why honesty is the best policy

Transparency and ethical beauty is no longer the domain of a select few, but is now becoming the industry norm

Packaging company Groupe Medicos sells health division to focus on beauty

The French firm has sold RR Plastics and Rovipharm to SGH Healthcaring

Treaclemoon hopes to 'disrupt the market' with new packaging

Made from medium-density polyethylene, the brand worked with RPC M&H Plastics to create the new design

How technology is taking beauty packaging to the next level

QR codes, RFID and NFC technology are just a few of the ways that brands can engage with consumers. Here are the latest ...

Year in review: The biggest beauty news of 2017

Cosmetics Business looks back at some of the stories and events which made the headlines during 2017

Fighting our addiction to waste: How can you help?

At this year's Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, TerraCycle’s Tom Szaky discussed reducing disposability

Bathroom product packaging: Know your user

How consumers’ different bathroom behaviours can be a route to designing better beauty product packaging

Tisserand is first out of the gate with new Ascot collaboration

The new design by Biles Hendry is said to evoke the image of the rush of the races and the prestigious Royal Ascot ...