Lush chooses Italy for launch of first-ever ‘Naked’ shop

The Milan store is described as “a new experiment for the brand” and will stock products completely free of packaging

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Bathroom product packaging: Know your user

How consumers’ different bathroom behaviours can be a route to designing better beauty product packaging

Tisserand is first out of the gate with new Ascot collaboration

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YUNI Beauty unveils ‘smart’ packaging for hero products

The natural and sustainable brand is using NFC technology to bring digital experiences to consumers

Fighting our addiction to waste: How can you help?

At this year's Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, TerraCycle’s Tom Szaky discussed reducing disposability

Luxury packaging improves perceived product value

A new study reveals a 45% increase in perceived product value when better quality packaging is used

Alchemy Oils refreshes Ayurvedic hair care packaging with Sheridan&Co

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Transparent business: 9 beauty brands proving why honesty is the best policy

Transparency and ethical beauty is no longer the domain of a select few, but is now becoming the industry norm

Design agency PB Creative scores new packaging deal for Rexona

The new ‘champions’ line-up from the Unilever-owned brand features national football shirts on its packaging

Packaging protection with a twist for Belgian beauty brand Mylène

RPC Bramlage's Twist-Up airless dispenser has been selected for the Detox natural skin care range

What the future holds for airless packaging in the personal care industry

Airless packaging doesn’t even pause for breath when demonstrating its credentials as the preferred means of ...

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6 revelations about consumer attitudes towards beauty packaging

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REN calls time on beauty industry’s over-use of plastic packaging

The brand’s CEO says the industry is one of the “worst offenders” when it comes to the over-use of non-recyclable ...

Weener Plastics acquires packaging rival Proenfar

The Latin American packaging company is said to complement Weener Plastics ‘perfectly’