AI: Is it the future of ingredient creation?

By Julia Wray | Published: 29-Jun-2021

In recent months, several cosmetic ingredients have emerged on the scene boasting about the use of AI in their creation. Cosmetics Business asks, is this today’s cool new marketing trend, or the future of cosmetic ingredients creation?

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Beauty is no stranger to the world of artificial intelligence (AI). From the rise and rise of virtual make-up try-on app creator Perfect Corp to the plethora of digital skin diagnostic tools on the market from multiple labels, finished brands are fully utilising – and appealing to consumers via – AI.

But now, it appears, manufacturers of cosmetics ingredients are not only buying into AI but also shouting about its use in their ingredients' creation process.

Whether it be for screening the best candidates during the initial research process, optimally demonstrating the efficacy of a soon-to-be marketed ingredient, or used at any stage in between, AI has become the new buzzword for cosmetics ingredients providers.

“For several years now, cosmetics and artificial intelligence are [moving] even more closely to each other,” comments Amandine Scandolera, Head of Biological Evaluation at Givaudan Active Beauty.

“From make-up to skin care, consumers are now used to using them and we are sure that our customers will be glad to have these kinds of result representations”, she says of the division’s use of AI to demonstrate trial results.

But will this be a ‘cool’ new trend to stay ahead of the competition for a bit, or can we expect AI to become an integral part of the creation process? If the pharma industry is any bellwether for cosmetics, it might be the latter.

AI is increasingly being used by the likes of GlakoSmithkline and Pfizer in fields not limited to disease identification and diagnosis, drug discovery and manufacturing, clinical trials and personalised treatments.

And, historically, where the drugs world treads, cosmetics likes to follow.

But, which cosmetics ingredients creators and suppliers are ahead of the curve in getting to grips with the latest technology?

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