Provital presents PROVITALKS 2.0 - its new optimised podcast season

Published: 1-Jul-2024

The podcast offers a platform where innovation, sustainability and science converge to bring fascinating conversations to life

Provital has introduced PROVITALKS 2.0, a podcast where innovation, sustainability, and science converge to bring fascinating conversations to life. Join the hosts, Clara Vigo (Product Manager) and Eloi Armengol (Business Innovations Officer), as they guide listeners through the new season of the company's podcast.

Get ready for a journey where innovation and authenticity merge. A series of episodes featuring beauty trends and cosmetic innovations, presented by top experts in each field and topic. In this new and optimised season, Provital dive into:

  • Real Sustainability in Cosmetics: Explore how sustainable practices start at the roots and make a real impact.
  • Cutting-Edge Science: Discover the innovations and scientific breakthroughs behind our products.
  • Unmatched Quality: Learn how every component comes together to create the finest natural ingredients.
  • Provital's Core Mission and Vision: Get an inside look at what drives our passion for excellence.
  • Market Trends and Strategies: Gain insights into cutting-edge go-to-market strategies and emerging trends in the industry.

PROVITALKS 2.0, the new backstage pass to understanding the complete value chain process for the creation of natural cosmetic ingredients, through Provital's expertise and dedication to creating beauty with integrity. Tune in and subscribe from your favourite podcast platform, discover the upcoming engaging episodes, and explore the ideas shaping the future of beauty.    



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