AMA Laboratories: pioneering clinical and claim support concepts

Published: 2-May-2017

Striving to always stay ahead of the curve, AMA has invested in developing technologies to help our clients continue to differentiate their products in new and exciting ways.

For over 30 years, AMA has stood at the forefront of the Clinical Testing and Claim Support realm for both skincare and haircare.

The company now offers Infrared Testing as a tertiary means to support the efficacy of suncare products in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Contrary to what the international regulatory agencies may imply, 370 nanometers is not the cutoff for potentially harmful and damaging wavelengths of radiation emitted from the sun. . . By evaluating your test product beyond the UVA range and into the IRA and IRB spectrum you can stay ahead of market and regulatory trends while providing a real world tangible benefit to the consumer in the form of Infrared Protection.

While traditional 2 dimensional photography has been a staple of the claim support realm for decades, AMA’s Matched Scientific Photography technique embodies the evolution of image capture in a completely controlled and clinical environment.

By minimising all of the common positioning, human, and environmental variables that can come into play from one timepoint to the next, AMA can isolate the two most important parameters in question: time, and the effect that a given product or treatment has at the in vivo level.

Taking this a step further, AMA has developed a proprietary technique called PolyChrommetrix (PcMx) in which multi-dimensional image capture segways into life-sized 3D printed before and after samples. With PolyChrommetrix your clients and buyers can literally feel the difference.

While many Multinational manufacturers are lucky enough to have their own clinical and pilot evaluation laboratory suites most small to medium formulators and producers simply don’t have the time, space, or financial resources to implement such an established department.

AMA is continuously on the road visiting trade shows around the globe and offering our technical expertise and experience to companies without such luxuries.

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