Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit 2015 – the schedule

Published: 2-Dec-2014

The yearly event brings together the leading figures in cosmetics regulation to present the recent issues faced worldwide for legislation compliance

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The global platform for regulatory compliance

The Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit brings together the leading figures in regulatory compliance for the cosmetics, personal care and fragrance industries. The two-day annual meet provides an opportunity for different areas of these industries to share and discuss their views and opinions about regulation and compliance in order to maximise best practice for the future.

The meeting also provides a platform for debate between various parties within cosmetics to discuss how the industry can change and/or hone current practices to ensure that the future of regulation continues to bring practicality, feasibility and relevancy closer to its core in order to disperse the apathy and resentment that is often felt towards regulation compliance.

The Schedule

Speaker biographies

Day one:

0730-0830 – Registration
0845-0900 – Welcome

0900-0955 – Keynote
Is regulation an archaic and constraining system for business innovation?

0955-1035 – Presentation
Ingredients: approaches for nanotechnology


1105-1135 – Presentation
Is your Responsible Person (RP) professional? Principles and the future
Speaker: Obelis s.a.

  • Principles of best practice
  • The future of the RP profession

1130-1215 – Presentation
India regulation update: what should be considered when introducing a product onto the Indian market
Speaker: Dr Vijay Bambulkar, Director, Regulatory & Medical Affairs, Johnson & Johnson Ltd

1215-1245 – Presentation
Test your packaging. Assessing the safety of your product is a regulatory must, but what level of testing should be assumed for the packaging of your product
Speaker: Jeff Quill, Q-Labs


1400-1435 – Presentation
Genotoxicity testing of active ingredients. What to expect in the context of the cosmetic regulation
Speaker: Professor Vera Rogiers, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

  • Results of retrospective study of genotoxicity testing of Annex ingredients (2000-2014)
  • What are the perspectives for the near future?

1435-1515 – Presentation
Ex vivo organ culture testing – a breakthrough in cosmeceutical evaluation
Speaker: Dr Ardeshir Bayat, Manchester University

  • A superior alternative to in vitro and in vivo animal testing can be found to study the effect of topicals in skin health and biology.


1545-1700 – Roundtable debate
A discussion on the following statement: “Naturals and organics are booming. Thus, it is better and feasible to have a global standard”
Panellist: Dr Laurent Sousselier, Unitis

1700-1745 – Presentation
Global opportunities – Russia

Adjourn for drinks reception

Day two:

0730-0815 – Registration
0815-0830 – Day one review

0830-0920 – Keynote
What is the strategy of the newly elected EU Parliament with regards to consumer safety and what impact will such initiatives have on SMEs?
Speaker: Florina-Andreea Pantazi, Policy Adviser, EU Commission

0920-0950 – Presentation
Regulatory challenges for smaller companies
Speaker: Debra Redbourn, dR Cosmetic Regulations

  • A look at the reformulation, labelling, claims and documentation issues that impact on smaller businesses importing and marketing products into the EU and other global markets


1020-1100 – Presentation
A multinational perspective: proposing regulation changes to help our future business

1100-1145 – Presentation
China regulation update: what should be considered when introducing a product onto the Chinese market
Speaker: Dr Lisa Tian, Associate Toxicologist, Delphic HSE Solutions Limited

1145-1230 – Presentation
Online retail: a product fit for the world


1330-1400 – Presentation
FDA – drugs vs over-the-counter vs cosmetics

1400-1430 – Presentation
Fragrance allergens - regulation to application and beyond
Speaker: Graham Ellis, Givaudan

1430-1500 – Question Time
Claim substantiation: ask an expert what is needed to comply to certain on-pack claims


1530-1600 – Question Time
How to ensure your innovative ideas comply: ask an expert their advice for staying out of trouble with novel products and innovative marketing

1600-1630 – Presentation
Consumer perspective. Do consumers actually want regulations in cosmetics?


Gold Sponsor: AMA Laboratories Inc.
Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit 2015 – the schedule

Gold Sponsor: Delphic HSE Solutions
Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit 2015 – the schedule


19-20 May 2015


Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Rue du Fossé-aux-Loups 47, Wolvengracht 47, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

How to attend


or contact Adrian Goldfinch on or call +44 (0)207 193 6862


If you or your company would like to sponsor this event or attend as an exhibitor, places are still available. These opportunities provide you and your company with a platform to showcase interest and prominence in the regulatory sector. Please contact Adrian Goldfinch on or call +44 (0)207 193 6862

Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit 2015 – the schedule

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