Baycusan eco: Create makeup in tune with nature

Published: 20-Oct-2022

Consumers wanting to enhance their natural beauty are increasingly looking for more natural makeup products

As awareness grows around the environmental impact of our lifestyles, these consumers want their cosmetics to respect the planet as much as they do – without compromising on the long-lasting performance and comfort they need in their busy lives.

Our partly bio-based Baycusan® eco E 1001 film former offers a versatile solution that balances performance with improved sustainability. With water-resistant, sweat-resistant, and anti-transfer properties, as well as good elasticity and breathability, this partly plant-based polymer enables the long wear and comfort that consumers expect in a wide range of makeup products.

This high performance doesn’t have to come at a high cost to the planet, either. Made with over 50% naturally sourced content, Baycusan® eco E 1001 fulfils the ISO 16128 criteria for naturally derived ingredients. As such, this polymer makes it easier for you to increase the natural content in your formulations and reduce their environmental impact.

In this way, Baycusan® eco E 1001 can help unlock the next generation of makeup: naturally sourced, high-performance products that contribute to a more circular economy.

Read more about how Baycusan® enables more sustainable, longer-lasting makeup.

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