Baycusan eco: Create cosmetics in tune with nature

Published: 29-Sep-2022

Deliver more sustainable cosmetics with partly bio-based Baycusan

Nature is the source of life – so it’s no surprise that when consumers look for cosmetics solutions, they increasingly seek those that are in tune with both nature and their own wellbeing. And, with increasing awareness of how their product choices affect the planet, this often means choosing more sustainable solutions. At the same time, these consumers still expect their cosmetics to deliver the high-performance properties they know and trust.

Covestro’s Baycusan polyurethane film formers make it easier to maintain this balance. Baycusan enables effective, longer-lasting, more comfortable solutions in makeup and nail polish, hair styling, sun protection, and skin care. This is thanks to the properties it enables – such as water- and humidity-resistance, thermal stability, breathability, and flexibility.

What’s more, with over 50% naturally sourced content, our Baycusan eco grades fulfil the ISO 16128 criteria for naturally-derived ingredients. Some Baycusan grades are also biodegradable, with mean OECD 301 ready biodegradability rates of 60% or more within 28 days. In this way, Baycusan can help you unlock new natural sourcing possibilities, reduce your environmental impact, and contribute to a more circular cosmetics industry – all while delivering long-lasting cosmetics that consumers will love.

Find out more about how Baycusan enables high-performance, more sustainable cosmetics.

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