Cetaphil pledges to become carbon neutral by 2022

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 19-Oct-2021

Initiative will encompass environmental impact, formulating with cleaner ingredients, using smarter packaging and serving its communities

Cetaphil, the sensitive skin care specialist, has pledged to become carbon neutral as part of its latest sustainability initiative.

The Galderma-owned brand first announced its plans to tackle climate change in September, but this week it revealed its four-part Clear Skies commitment.

According to Cetaphil, the initiative will address four key areas: "reducing environmental impact, formulating with cleaner ingredients, using smarter packaging and serving its communities".

The company aims to achieve 100% renewable electricity in its current factories by 2022 and become completely carbon neutral.

Since 2010, Galderma and Cetaphil have reduced water consumption by 33% per tonne of product, reported the brand owner, through programmes to recycle and reuse it in factories and research facilities.

The company also reduced annual CO2 emissions from factories by over 60% and it claims that 95% of the electricity that powers its factories comes from renewable resources.

Walter Geiger, Head of Global Consumer Business Unit at Galderma says: “We know that the health of our skin is a reflection of our environment – factors such as pollution, water quality and climate can impact skin, especially sensitive skin.

"As the leader in treating sensitive skin, it’s time to be even more sensitive to the environment to contribute to both short-term and long-term change.

“We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far, but we know we can do more – this is only the beginning.

"We know that by doing the right thing, our customers, partners, employees, and communities will benefit as well.”

Other initiatives include monetary and product donations to charities and undisclosed continued improvements on packaging.

In September it also unveiled its reformulated products which are set to become free-from parabens, sulfates and animal origin ingredients.

The new formulas will roll-out from in the UK in H1 2022.

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