Galderma debuts first-of-its-kind expert community for sensitive skins

By Julia Wray | Published: 20-Sep-2022

The Sensitive Skincare Faculty brings together 13 experts from China, Brazil, the Philippines, Germany, France, Australia, Italy and the US

Dermatology brand Galderma has launched The Sensitive Skincare Faculty, a community of experts dedicated to addressing the issue of sensitive skins.

Said to be a first-of-its-kind community, the faculty will focus on research, innovation and engagement to improve broader understanding and management of sensitive skin.

It comprises 13 experts from across the globe, namely Adam Friedman (Co-chair, US), Giovanni Pellacani (Italy), Martina Kerscher (Germany), Aaron Farberg (US), Flávia Alvim Sant’Anna Addor (Brazil), Belinda Welsh (Australia), Yan Wu (China), Flordeliz Abad-Casintahan (Philippines), Adelaide Hebert (US), Xiang Leihong (China), Laurent Misery (France), Joachim Fluhr (Germany) and Leona Yip (Australia).

Two grants have been awarded to the Department of Dermatology at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences to accelerate the mission of the Sensitive Skincare Faculty.

The first will establish a Galderma Sensitive Skin Translational Research Fellowship Program over five years to support medical students interested in expanding their research skill set into sensitive skin.

The second project, the Galderma Skin Research Acceleration Fund, will span two years and look specifically at establishing a standard definition of sensitive skin.

“Our goal is to transform the science of sensitive skin into actionable insights and practical advice that will empower everyone – from consumers and patients to healthcare professionals – to make positive strides forward,” said Friedman, who in addition to being the Sensitive Skincare Faculty’s Co-chair, is Professor and Chair of Dermatology at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. 

“We’re bringing together the latest information backed by science and making it available and accessible to everyone who needs it.”

In 2019, Galderma became the world’s largest independent global dermatology company after completion of a CHF10.2bn carve-out of Nestlé Skin Health. 

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