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GREENTECH develops and produces cosmetic active ingredients from plants, algae, micro-algae and biotechnology.



Since 1992, GREENTECH has been developing and producing active ingredients from plants, algae, micro-algae and biotechnology in the cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical fields.

Present in more than 30 countries, GREENTECH has its portfolio constantly updated by innovative molecules, compounds and extracts. Recently launched actives: BIOTILYS, REVERSKIN, SOLIBERINE

Active ingredients from local and worldwide raw materials for local and top cosmetic companies are daily produced in our factories with guarantee of quality. Actually, GREENTECH has 3 factories in France among which one is already GMP-certified and another one is in the course of certification.

The R&D laboratory has got its own large database (30 000 plants – 300 000 biological molecules) and uses bio-informatics for rapid and targeted development of new actives.

GREENTECH collaborates with several scientists and specialists in international research programmes for fundamental researches and innovation.

Then, GREENTECH was the first company to supply cosmetic ingredients certified Organic by ECOCERT (France). Today, the company is one of the largest suppliers of Organic ingredients.

Finally, for many years, GREENTECH has got close and official cooperations with local people in different countries with spirit of sustainable development and trade with mutual benefits: protection of biodiversity, improvement of local knowledge, economical benefits for local population, respect of local way of life, ... For example, GREENTECH has got a partnership with Agroindustrias Amazonicas in Peru for the culture, extraction and the promotion of Organic Inca Inchi oil. In Burkina Faso, GREENTECH is the partner of an association of women who traditionally prepare Baobab oil. GREENTECH bought equipments for them and is engaged to buy a part of their production, which enables those women to develop local economy.


What we do?

    Active ingredients from natural origin produced through specific processes. PHYTOBIOACTIVES give maximum concentration in active constituents. The PHYTOBIOACTIVES cosmetic efficiency is guaranteed by in vitro and/or in vivo tests allowing validating their activity mechanisms.
    Vegetal hydrosoluble standardised extracts range. Their concentration in titrated active molecules are close to the ones of fresh plant.
    Liposoluble natural actives, which allows optimising the cosmetic formulation efficiency while enabling formulators to increase the concentration in active principles.
    Result of cryo-extraction, an innovative and patented technology: The best of natural extract from fresh plants.
    Emulsifier as butter-form, with a different touch and a lighter texture than ordinary oils and butters.
    They are made from original exotic butters with precise traceability, with fair trade partnerships in small villages.
    A wide variety of pure or mix versions is proposed to the formulator. The non-exhaustive list proposes more than 3 000 references from worldwide and with different solvents and versions.
    From each range some of our actives and extracts are available also for Organic formulations.


Last products launched (Phytobioactives)

    Skin volumator smoothing
    This powerful cellular booster, ultra-concentrated in phytoecdysones, recreates the volume and the relief of a young skin by a double youth effect: it anchors the epidermis in the dermis and it protects the fibrous network of matrix. The skin is firm, plumped, smooth and radiant.
    Global Photo-Protector
    Prevents premature skin aging due to light radiations, UV-IR-Blue light
    Exceptionally rich in phenylpropanoids, SOLIBERINE is a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger. It stimulates cellular detoxification systems, protects from inflammation, prevents and reverses photoaging. By targeting different harmful effects of natural and artificial light, it preserves the skin's youth, quality and radiance
    Purified from a fermentation process of a porbiotic, BIOTILYS is an active for global skin beauty and health maintenance. BIOTILYS protects our skin in an optimal way both immediately and in long-term. Thus, BIOTILYS allows physiological recovery of the skin barrier and improves the hydration. Consequently, BIOTILYS preserves and enhances the SKIN RADIANCE, LUMINOSITY and YOUTHFULNESS. BIOTILYS is a new way to protect skin under any circumstances.


Last products launched (Lipactives)

  • GreenSoft
    They are 3 in 1 active : autoemulsifier, can constitute the oily phase by it-self and improve biological activity. Actually, GreenSoft can be used as the emulsion base system ; GreenSoft, only by itself, can be the oily phase ; GreenSoft improves biological activity of your product.
    Inca Inchi is a peruvian Amazonia plant known by local people for thousands of years. Inca Inchi oil is obtained by cold pressure of seeds.
    From all known natural sources, Inca Inchi oil is the richest oil in Omega 3, compared with oils of all oleaginous seeds used all over the world. It is the richest in unsaturated fatty acids. They can reach 94% of its composition. Inca Inchi oil is used in dietary thanks to its interesting ratio between Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic) and Omega 6 (linoleic).


2014: Award of the French Cosmetic Society (SFC)
2014: Europoean natural acturive for dandruff - New product innovation leadership award form Frost&Sullivan
2012: Natrue certification (organic products)
2011: GMP certification (pharmaceutic)
2010: ISO 22716 certification (cosmetic GMP)
2002: Ecocert Certification (organic products)
1997: Eureka Prize by European Union for GREENTECH’s Innovation level


Xcell-30; Biotilys; Cernilys; Kigeline; Liftiss; QT40; Reverskin; Setiline; Silidine; Soliberine; Somitine; Tilicine; Timiline;