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SIP is an independent marketer of speciality oils and fluids. We reliably deliver individually specified product solutions backed by wide-ranging technical and industry expertise to a diverse customer base across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. With over 25 years’ experience, we have been supplying pharmaceutical white oils complying with the latest industry standards to a wide range of customers in the Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care markets.

SIP’s specialist support for the Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care sectors includes the supply of medicinal white oils that comply with the latest European and US Pharmacopoeia regulations.

The SIPMED and SIPMED USP series contain oils with viscosities from 4 to 100 cSt @ 40°C, meeting the highest quality requirements for medicinal and pharmaceutical white oils. These high purity, colourless and odourless oils, are used as an emollient or carrier fluid in many applications, including babycare, dermatalogical preparations, petroleum jelly manufacture, suncare and tissue manufacture. They are also used to blend food grade lubricants registered to NSF H1, HX-1 and H3.

The SIPMED range conforms with the following industry regulations:

* Products highlighted conform to the quality requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia monograph for paraffinum perliquidum / liquidum
** products contain permitted levels of food grade anti-oxidant
*** acceptable at a maximum addition of 0.1% wt.

The SIP approach to customer service is based firmly on our promise of reliability and flexibility. Our business today is focussed on adding value through long-term strategic partnerships with our customers and suppliers, built on trust to generate loyalty. We provide service driven solutions that value the performance advantages of high quality oils and the experience and technical expertise of our team adds significant value to the support we offer.

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