Delfin Technologies launches SkinPhotoTyper

Published: 25-Oct-2023

Delfin Technologies launches a new instrument called SkinPhotoTyper for objective assessment of skin phototype. SkinPhotoTyper was launched at Estetika in Brussels in October 2023

SkinPhotoTyper is a fully portable and wireless instrument for measuring the skin phototype. The device utilizes scientifically validated measurement technology. Skin phototype is measured based on the ITA degree and classified with a scale from 1 (very light) to 6 (dark) similar to Fitzpatrick scale. Skin phototype assessment helps in adjusting the power of the IPL and laser devices before hair removal to increase the safety of the treatment. Additionally, skin phototype measurements can be used in tattoo removal, chromotherapy aesthetic care or in any study related to skin pigmentation.

SkinPhotoTyper can be used either as a stand-alone device or measurement data can be collected wirelessly to DMC software. DMC software allows users to create individual research projects, record and store measurement data, and export measurement data to other programs for statistical analysis.


  • Measures skin phototype based on ITA degree
  • Helps in adjusting the power of IPL or laser device before hair removal
  • Utilizes scientifically validated measurement technology
  • Readings unaffected by device contact pressure and ambient light
  • Portable and battery operated
  • Fast and convenient measurement
  • Calibration check tool included

Application Areas:

  • IPL and laser hair removal
  • Chromotherapy aesthetic care
  • Tattoo removal
  • UV radiation induced pigmentation (tanning)
  • Skin research studies
  • Clinical dermatology
  • Product and formulation R&D in pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetic industries

SkinPhotoTyper will next be showcased at in-Cosmetics Asia in Bangkok (Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre: BITEC) on November 7-9, 2023. Delfin's other scientific instruments are also on display in Bangkok.

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