Discover the secret of oily scalp relief

Published: 6-Mar-2024

Ready to rebalance your scalp? Soothe irritation and conquer oiliness within a fortnight

RAHN-Cosmetic Actives from Switzerland unveils SCALPINIST®-SENSO, an active ingredient designed for sensitive-oily scalp. Its novel approach aims to alleviate scalp discomfort within two weeks by restoring balance to the disturbed microbiome and reducing scalp sebum through a simple rinse-off application.

By decreasing sebum production, SCALPINIST®-SENSO directly influences the scalp microbiota, restoring its balance. In fact, in-vitro studies confirm the inhibition of Cutibacterium acnes and an anti-inflammatory activity through the inhibition of pro-inflammatory enzymes COX-1, COX-2 and 5-LOX. SCALPINIST®-SENSO It is obtained by extracting Maclura cochinchinensis leaves, rich in prenylated bioflavonoids

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