DSM to reveal new sun protection research data

Published: 4-Jun-2015

UV sun protection

DSM Personal Care, one of the leading players in sun care, will engage with sun care industry experts at the 13th International Sun Protection Conference, to be held on 9-10 June 2015 at the Royal College of Surgeons in London, UK.

The research findings to be presented by DSM will revisit the commonly-known film-forming process of sunscreens by shaping the process into three key phases for sunscreen application. Dr. Vollhardt comments: “For the first time DSM will present flow behavior experiments in-silico that have been key in understanding the sunscreen application process, ultimately influencing the performance level of the sun protection. This research work also allowed us to build a simple model explaining variations of SPF measurements in-vitro and in-vivo”.

The continuing rise of skin cancer rates around the world makes the UV protection of sunscreen on people’s skin a very important topic among sunscreen manufacturers. DSM’s consumer research confirms that even though people are aware of the risks of inadequate sun protection, they often do not use a sufficient amount of sunscreen.

“Sun protection to preserve skin health and juvenility by sunscreens is greatly reduced if people do not use adequate amounts of sunscreen, because they feel that they have already used enough on their skin”, adds Dr. Vollhardt. “Together with our previous research on improving the sensorial characteristics of sunscreen formulations, we hope to help promote the effective use of sunscreen by consumers. I’m proud that DSM is able to contribute to improving the overall performance of sunscreens and improving protection”.

Dr. Jürgen Vollhardt will present “Revisiting human skin, sunscreen films and protection performance” on 10 June 2015 at 13:15 . The short abstract of his work can be downloaded below.

Details of the 13th International Sun Protection Conference can be found here.

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