Geka expands micro bristles range

Published: 14-Mar-2024

Meet the brand-new applicator preciseBLEND at Cosmopack Bologna at GEKA booth E2/F1 in hall 15

Meet the brand-new applicator preciseBLEND at Cosmopack Bologna at GEKA booth E2/F1 in hall 15. The innovative skincare and cosmetic applicator is completing GEKA’s range of micro bristle applicators. The new star of the range with 62 fine micro bristles is developed for precise and targeted application with maximum dosage. This applicator is ideal for liquid highlighters, usable as an eyebrow corrector or for fitting for the precise drawing of lip lines.

Visitors to Cosmopack Bologna 2024 from 21-23 March to see the results and possibilities of GEKA’s innovative micro bristles. For over 10 years, GEKA has been the market leader in the field of injection-molded plastic mascara brushes based on 1K, Moltrusion and Sandwich technology. Transferring this expertise to other applications within the cosmetics industry was a logical next step.

The basic idea behind the development of micro bristle applicators is to make it possible to apply liquid or semi-solid products to the skin more precisely and hygienically and to compensate for the disadvantages of existing applicator systems. For example, application using cotton swabs, flocked applicators, nail polish brushes or fingers is not only unhygienic and imprecise in terms of dosage, it also increases the chance of the adhesion of fibers, which means a sterile application process cannot be guaranteed.

In contrast, micro bristles enable pinpoint accuracy and precision during application thanks to their composition and geometry, which stops the high-precision bristles from spreading. Customized stiffness and perfect resilience mean the bristles can extend to even hard-to-reach areas.

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