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Published: 18-Oct-2023

GEKA’s Best-Performing Eyebrow Combinations

Eyebrows are giving the perfect frame to your face. The correct brow treatment based on the consumer’s natural brows in alignment with latest brow trends is a must.

Our brand-new collection of best performing eyebrow combinations is featuring a huge range of different brush types for the perfect brow treatment, e.g. fiber brushes, molded brush designs, nano twisted wire brushes and micro bristle applicators. With the correct applicator, you will conjure up any brow trend and can differentiate yourself at the POS.

For us, being unique is both a promise and our motivation. Choose your eyebrow brush from a vast range of possibilities. Whether it's special fibers, eye-catching colors, innovative bristle cuts or unique brush shapes, our patented brush concepts are unique applicators. With a strong heritage dating back to 1925, we provide a vast range of impressive brushes and applicators for every brow make-up.

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